10th International Meeting of Asian Society of Conservation Medicine

Submitted by jhall on Thu, 03/09/2017 - 08:17

For the coming 10th International Meeting of the Asian Society of Conservation Medicine (ASCM), we are moving the meeting into the Bornean rainforest! The venue for the meeting will be Kuching, Sarawak, in Malaysia. Sarawak is the biggest state of Malaysia, located on world’s third largest island, Borneo. The location itself is an adventure and it is definitely the place that a vet or a nature lover would love to visit. Kuching is also known as the cat city, the capital of Sarawak. However, it is quite different from the usual busy and crowded city, it is rather calm. The pre-congress workshops are going to be held around the cat city, and then for the two-day main conference we will move to a venue very close to the rainforest and beach. You are free to experience a stay close to the nature such as tree houses, a homestay to experience the real Sarawakians’ culture or if you prefer a hotel or resort there are several close by too. We want you to meet your friends or colleagues during the conference and at the same time experience the nature and culture in Sarawak. The post-congress workshops will include the Bornean biodiversity real experience, so do not miss it. This is going to be not just another conference, but we hope to make this experience in Sarawak memorable.

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