Environmental Biosecurity Roundtable - Melbourne 30 October 2019

Submitted by jhall on Mon, 09/30/2019 - 11:08

The Environmental Biosecurity Roundtables are held twice a year and and are jointly hosted by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Environment and Energy. The events attract attendees from around the country representing all tiers of government; land and natural resource management (NRM) organisations; researchers; conservation groups; and leading plant and animal health bodies. During the events, participants share knowledge, build valuable networks and discuss how we can work together to protect Australia’s environment, way of life and clean, green reputation from the threat of exotic pests and diseases.

This roundtable will have a loose theme of ‘general surveillance’ and focus on workshopping the Priority list of exotic environmental pests and diseases, which was released for public consultation in early September.

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