Nikie van Dorst - Volunteer

Nikie’s interest in wildlife ecology and conservation was sparked while volunteering for a wildlife rehabilitationNikie van Dorst centre in South-Africa, before she commenced her studies in the Netherlands. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Utrecht University, specializing in Animal Behaviour & Ecology. Part of her coursework was conducted at Monash University in Melbourne. She went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Forest & Nature Conservation at Wageningen University in 2011. For her thesis she investigated the effect of habitat degradation in Northern Cameroon on foraging behaviour of Dark-chanting Goshawks.

Nikie has worked as an Ecologist at the Royal Dutch Hunting Association where she developed survey protocols for a range of wildlife species and provided members with information and advice on wildlife diseases. She frequently worked in collaboration with the Dutch Wildlife Health Centre and was later employed by the Centre to create public health factsheets on zoonotic diseases.

In 2013 she returned to Australia to settle in Sydney and joined Sydney Wildlife as an office and rescue volunteer. Since January 2017 she has been assisting the Registry with the upkeep of the growing online database and a variety of other supportive tasks.