Jane Hall – Wildlife Health Project Officer

Jane Hall

Jane is the Registry’s Wildlife Health Project Officer. She has over 15 years’ research experience spanned biology, ecology, wildlife health and pathology, conservation sciences, and data management. Projects have included a wide variety of species including amphibians, birds, reptiles and terrestrial and aquatic mammals in both remote and metropolitan locations. Research projects have been conducted in collaboration with a number of federal and state government and non-government agencies, universities, and not-for profit organisations. In 2016 Jane was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship to explore ways in which Australia can improve its capacity to mitigate wildlife disease incidents.

Jane’s role includes responsibilities such as: project conceptualisation, management and administration; animal capture, restraint and anaesthesia; sample collection and management; management of large, complex data sets; diagnostic testing including: haematology, biochemistry, parasitology, microbiology; and communication.

In 2021, Jane became a PhD candidate at Griffith University, studying New Zealand fur seal health to better understand the impacts of disease and pollution on this endemic Australian species.