An adult male Antechinus (weight 4.3g) was captured overnight in an Elliott trap in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park during annual, routine wildlife trapping surveys. When found at approximately 0550 the animal appeared lethargic.  It was handled to determine sex and condition.
The sub-adult, male hawksbill turtle was found nearly dead on Shellharbour beach.  The person who found the animal poured water over its head and it moved its flippers, but was profoundly weak and lethargic.  The animal was transported to Taronga Wildlife Hospital where it was found to have erythematous skin, extensive carapace algae, numerous erosions on its plastron and large skin erosion on the top of its head.
An adult, female brushtail possum (weight 2.456 kg) was rescued from a residential laundry by WIRES and brought to Taronga Wildlife Hospital for examination. The possum had been living in the laundry for 1 month and residents had been feeding it cat food, milk, bread and some fruit.  It had a wound to the right fore leg and was having trouble breathing.  Fur was missing over most of the body and tail. The possum was euthanased due to poor prognosis for survival.
This aged (25 years), captive, male lizard (weight 623 g) was found to have an oral mass on the right side of the maxilla resulting in tooth displacement. When touched, teeth easily fell out. The mass was reported to have developed within a two week period. Two weeks prior, the shingleback was reported to develop a weeping eye and display rapid breathing after a short period of handling. The animal had a history of conjunctival swelling and depression.