The adult, male Australian Fur Seal was found to be repeatedly hauled out around Shelly Beach, Cronulla, NSW since 8th February 2015.  The animal had a severe semicircular injury along the right rump region, which appeared to be infected.
An adult female echidna was found on a road in Cromer, NSW and taken to a local veterinary hospital.  The echidna was not moving well and was sent to Taronga Wildlife Hospital for assessment.  The echidna presented with a large lump on its back (Image) and was subject to x-ray under anaesthesia where it was found to have a fracture of the left zygomatic arch and an old maxillary fracture.  The pelvic structure appeared abnormal, possibly due to old, healed fractures.
An adult, male, wild caught frog from the North Coast (Watagans National Park, Cooranbong NSW) 01/01/15, was housed in a group of 13 other M. fasciolatus at a research facility. The frog was found on the morning of 16/06/15 lying on its back, minimally responsive. Euthanasia with MS-222 was elected, and tissues were sent to the Registry for assessment.