Laura Pulscher, PhD Candidate, Christmas Island flying-fox health

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Laura Pulscher, PhD Candidate


Laura Pulscher is a PhD student at the University of Sydney studying the impacts of nutrition, toxicology and infectious disease on the Christmas Island flying-fox. Laura comes from a strong background in infectious disease research and is particularly interested in the intersection between human, animal and environmental health with an emphasis on wildlife infectious diseases. Prior to joining the team at the University of Sydney, Laura received her Master’s of Science in Global Health from Duke University where she studied the role of small mammals in the ecology of tick-borne pathogens in northern Mongolia. Laura also holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University where she first became interested in wildlife disease as a student intern for the Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

Supervisors: Associate Prof. David Phalen (University of Sydney) and Dr Karrie Rose (Australian Registry of Wildlife Health)